Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 185- HALF WAY THERE!!!!

     I am now on my third week of radiology rotation, which as you may have guessed from my blogging activity is not the most exciting of all rotations! Our day consist of the "Hot Seat" rounds for the first two hours every morning in which we go to the front of the room, in front of our rotations mates and clinicians and they put a radiograph on the big screen and we have to interpret the film, diagnose the animal and give a treatment plan. To say the least it is one of the most stressful things of all time, so I spend every night devouring my notes to make sure I am not caught like a deer in the headlights on my next hot seat experience. The later part of the morning and the afternoon is spent taking and reading radiographs from patients throughout the hospital from horses and cows in the large animal barn to dogs and cats from the small animal department or last week we even had a baby kangaroo in from the zoo department that accidentally fell out of his mom's pouch and broke his leg!
      On a not so boring note, we have surpassed the half way mark! God willing, I am set to graduate in 173 days!!!! I can't believe it is finally that close, it still doesn't seem real. I constantly lay in bed at night and dream about the "what if's" in my future. What if this time next year I am a doctor working my dream job with my own mobile veterinary truck, driving from ranch to ranch living out my life long dream? What if we can buy a cheap house and finally begin our lives where our hearts belongs in Polk county? What if I can actually afford to go to the Publix and buy something other the market ground beef and figure out 7 different ways to prepare it for the seven days of the week? What if I can finally think about starting a family, something that makes me tear up every time I imagine been blessed by pregnancy, something I have longed for since the birth of my nephew but had to dismiss due to my career goals? The "what if's" seem closer than ever and push me to the light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. hi honey - soooo glad to read your blog - and if I am not mistaken you are though with this rotation as school is on vac for Thanksgiving. I hope you have a nice holiday with all of your friends there at OSU and that your dinner will go uninterupted! you did mention all of you students are on call - have a great Thanksgiving tho - you really have a LOT to be thankful for!!! Love you lots nana