Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 170- The Earth is Shakin!

      Last night I got a rude I slept peacefully in a NyQuil comma trying to fight off the reminents of a chest cold the walls started shaking around our apartment then the bed, get your mind out of the gutter people, Chad was snoring away. My first thought was we were getting robbed, then due to all the Halloween movies I watched during my bed ridden flu induced weekend, I thought for sure it was a poltergeist. Then I realized it was an earthquake, the largest one in the history of Oklahoma to be exact. Now I think it was my sub-conscience revolting against my up-coming rotation.
       Tomorrow I begin my Radiology rotation. This rotations is known to be torturous as we travel around the hospital doing cat scan, MRI's and x-rays of patients, this seems all fun but the clinicians have a reputation for being ruthless! But it will be nice to get back to the land of the living as my patients during the last three weeks have all been deceased!

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  1. Hi honey! First of all I was wondering if you were EVER going to blog again!!Soooo glad to read one! Next we read in the paper this a m that as people were leaving the OKS - Kansas St game sat p m the earthquake struck!! and how very sacrey it was - but they also said that this was the second quake that one had struck on sat am but that this one was the strongest. I am sooo very glad you both were o k and glad that your new patients will be breathing. Love you lots p s word misspelled is coma.